Jobs of a Fashion Illustrator

If you are fond of creating designs for trendy dresses, jewelries and other accessories that relate to the fashion industry, then there is a good fashion illustrator developing in you. Fashion illustration is an interesting field for those who have that amazing skill for creating sketches and drawings for various designer accessories hitting the fashion industry daily. If you just wish to work as a freelancer or wants to pursue this as a new career accomplishment, there is of course a variety of platforms for you where you can prove you talents in fashion illustration. You can also work with design studios and fashion houses to create drawing and designs for their clients. Along with an inborn skill for drawing, you also require to be equipped with a degree in art or fashion school to start looking for a platform to work with. After acquiring the qualification for fashion illustration, you should also dedicate yourself in acquiring good experience in the fashion industry. With intensive practice, you can create designs and drawings of your own so that you can keep them as samples.

When the other fields of illustrations like technical and medical illustration is focused on providing sketches that directly complement the contents provides a fashion illustration is a field that requires drawing that arises from a unique concept that has not yet been used by another illustrator. Fashion illustrators are here to help the fashion designers in providing them with unique, amazing ideas in creating a new product of their own. They are highly demanded by the designers who depend on them for novel ideas in the form of illustrations of designs even before the manufacturing of the product. Starting from hats and shoes to elegant outfits and jewelries, professionals are required to work on everything together with new concepts and ideas in designing them and promoting them in the open market. It is the task of these illustrators to provide the designers and the sewers with the sewing patterns and the final outlook of the garments after they are stitched.