Tips for Adding Color to Fashion Illustrations

Fashion illustration is a wonderful field of creativity that make use of different advanced tools and technologies to make amazing impact on the images and pictures they draw. In order to come up with stunning dramatic result of their illustration, fashion illustrators make use of a number of colors and styles that help in enhancing the overall appearance of the image. According to what style you wish to represent your illustrations in, you can utilize different arrays of colors as per your individual choice. Colors not only add amazing appeal to the fashion illustrations, but also help in enhancing the clarity and transparency of the pictures. With the right color and style, you can provide the pictures with the best impact to the viewer by delivering clear and in-depth appeal of the drawings. If you are fresh to the world of fashion illustration or if you wish to learn how to add color to the fashion illustrations so as to enhance its overall elegance and precision, then here are the best tips that can help you to finish your work with quality.

Other than drawing in a stretch, you should first make a initial drawing with a marker or a soft led pencil. This will provide you with a rough visualization of how your picture would look after the whole drawing. You can either use your own creativity to come with a unique piece of work or can get ideas from any fashion magazines to add to your drawing. However, try to give a unique appeal to the picture. Use some sense of style and drama in your drawing that will only result in providing a unique visual impact to those drawings of yours. After finishing with the initial drawing and if you are satisfied, finish the drawing with a dark marker of black ink to provide it with deeper impact. While providing more solid outlook to your drawings, this will provide your drawings with more border so that you can conveniently work with the border when adding color to it.

After picking a color palette, you can choose colors that fit perfectly for your illustrations. You can color your illustrations using markers, color pencils and even paint. Other than coloring all the areas of the illustration, color those areas only that needs to be colored.